Open Architecture systems is an architectural practice based in London that emerged as a design collaborative research group in the spring of 2011, following a long period of collaboration at different renown design offices such as the Massimiliano Fuksas studio in Rome, the Pritzker Price recipient studio of Norman Foster and Partners in London, and the internationally known UN Studio in Amsterdam.

Our design philosophy aims at the constant study and re-evaluation of methods and ideas, looking at architecture as the ground for new discoveries and uncharted horizons.

We share a parallel interest in the study of natural organic landscapes and how these can be re-interpreted and applied to modern day needs for living, work and play. This evident fascination with complex patterns found in nature, accepting our natural surroundings as evolutionary habitats not so diverse as the concrete cities of contemporary urban life, is clearly present in all the projects developed by our office, whether it be architectural design competitions or client specific design commissions.   


OpenArchitectureSystems’ approach to design is based on working in a collaborative environment with an aim to merge in one single project the complexity needed for a building design to be successful.


Our vast experience working on many different project typologies has given us a clear understanding of the various aspects of projects that extend well beyond the design intent, such as the technical and technological advances in building construction, the financial aspects which define the quality of the built work, our client’s needs/goals and the social impact that our projects may have on their immediate surrounding context.


The network of collaboration between the different disciplines involved in the design of architectural projects include structural engineers, energy consultants, landscape architects and all the actors needed to ensure a functional and optimal building, all of which are selected depending on the design scope and specific client goals. 

We take pride in always challenging ourselves in addressing the sociological and spatial value of the project design, the experience of the user and the value that the design brings to the community. We strongly believe that buildings need to exist around a social and natural environment, integrated into such a complex system of which materials, traditions, colours, people, experiences, nature and emotions are key words ingrained in what we do.


We offer CONCEPT DESIGN and PRESENTATION PACKAGE for architecture, interior, retail, competitions.

We also provide consulting services for 3D MODELLINGGEOMETRY OPTIMISATION and PARAMETRIC DESIGN

In our work methodology we use several parametric design tools such as grasshopper, rhino script, python script that allow us to achieve the necessary flexibility to express  our idea and to investigate the full potential of the design based on the client needs, sustainability aspects and cost.

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