The project is located between two buildings by Alvar Aalto and with an attitude of great respect. These buildings are not affected externally by additions or  alterations, nor is the dialogue between the existing volumes interrupted. The only externally visible element is a big “water drop” of glass and steel located between the two buildings, creating an immediate landmark visible from the city and nearby railway. This big “water drop” certainly recalls the most romantic and organic works by Alvar Aalto and the privileged relationship with the elements of nature that the architect has often aimed to express all along his extensive catalogue of built works. The new landmark presents itself as a separate and independent element, ideally combining the museum masterplan into a single building complex visible and recognizable from a distance.


International Competition


Museum Extension


Jyvaskyla, Finland


Competition Entry


Stefano Rocchetti ,Gabriel Belli Butler and Luca Vernocchi

Building Area:

280 m2