“The circle . . . is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions. [It] combines the concentric and the excentric in a single form, and in equilibrium. Of the three primary forms [triangle, square, circle], it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.”
(Vasily Kandinsky to Will Grohmann, October 12, 1930, quoted in Angelica Zander Rudenstine, The Guggenheim Museum: Paintings 1880–1945, vol. 1 [New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 1976], p. 310.)

The project proposal for a new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau takes its inspiration from a geometrical approach and intuition based on one of the three primary forms, the Circle. The circle provides a flexible space with a continuous perimeter, avoiding a corner condition and thus freeing the spatial arrangement inside. We began by identifying the main parts of the program and to separate them into main groups: logistics area, workshop, administration, foyer and exhibition space. Once defined, these core program nodes allowed us to then calculate a diameter for each area, resulting in four different circles. The next step was to position these circles in a way that could allow us to work around the biref requirements, basically finding a relationship to the surrounding context of the site. We understand the immediate necessity of connecting the city with the Stadtpark and most importantly the desire of the client to connect the city from south to north through the new museum. This meant that our project proposal needed to be a building that incorporated both landscape and architecture, and had the potential of becoming a reference point within the city Dessau. This reasoning made us understand the importance of the spaces created within the various “programmatic” circles, as it was clear that the remaining ‘in-between’ space is as equally important as the main parts that surrounds it. On this residual space is where most circulation and potential gathering for additional temporary exhibitions takes place. In other words, the foyer extends to every part of the building and is not concentrated within a defined area.


International Competition




Dessau - Germany


Competition Entry

Building Area:

4711,55 m2