Cross-cutting It is a terms of a cinematic technique:

“Cutting between different sets of action that can be occurring simultaneously or at different times. Cross-cutting is used in movies to build suspense, or to show the relationship between the different sets of action”

The principal characters of the natural and morphological landscape of Dikemark, are the lake Verkensvannet, Slottsberget the mountains, the river and the forest. This variety of landscapes and typological language has occurred through the establishment of the psychiatric hospital and its ancillary buildings. The former hospital not only determined the development of the area at the time of its operation but caused a decline in activity when the hospital ceased to operate. The natural features make Dikemark a place that has all the elements to be able to not only establish its own independence, but also to become a place of great interest with a strategic role in its surrounding region. 
The project area extends lengthways with the area of the former Hospital, reestablished as a central area. To the south the terrain of the hillside with large open spaces is dedicated to the cultivation and presence of some residential buildings and farm-related fields. To the north the vegetation becomes predominant and nature takes on a more ‘wild appearance with a large area of forest upwards to the mountains and along the lake. The main road divides the old town from the northern part of the area and continues along the north, southwest, east and centrally cutting longitudinally by a secondary driveway and ‘bordered on the south by the river which flows into the Verkensvannet. One of the immediate features is the fragmentation of this area into three main areas with the historical centre working as attractor between the north and the south. The center has its own identity which dates from the years of activity’ and the organization of buildings to an orthogonal grid. This arrangement contrasts with the agricultural and wild landscape in the south and the wild and mountainous north. The presence of the road and the river isolates this area from the rest of the site as a statement of its own identity. The motorway divides the site into two parts, going through the central historical zone. Our project aims to maintain the identity of both the landscape and the historical heritage. It also proposes to create links between areas which relate to different time periods and moments of life of the people. As a cinematic sequence between single frames, in the project, different elements create a unique place where the past of the site is preserved with a purpose for future continuation. The development of residential, commercial and recreation stem from this idea.


International Competition


Masterplan, mixed use development


Dikemark | Asker - Norway


Competition Entry


Stefano Rocchetti in collaboration with Luca Vernocchi

Building Area:

138.200 m2