Writing is a dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form.

Its invention has been driven by the practical necessity of exchanging information, maintaining financial accounts, codifying laws, recording history and cultural reasons such as the need for maintaining traditions, dissemination of knowledge through the media as well as the formation of legal systems.

All the various writing systems have this common denominator, even if they are completely different and structurally unrelated to each other, they were all born from the necessity to communicate and preserve memory and knowledge.This common ground between the different writing systems can be represented with a tree where the trunk is the core (the necessity from which everything starts) and the branches are the different writing systems that developed based on any particular culture, its influences, location, etc.
Our building wants to represent this relationship.


International Competition

Restaurant, Residence, Bar 

Comune di Siror, Trento, Italy

Competition Entry

Stefano Rocchetti, Gabriel Belli Butler, Chiara Marchionni, Luca Vernocchi
Energy and Sustainabilty Consultant:

Lukas Sosna
Building Size:

1740 m