The concept design for the master plan and city tower of the City of Incheon comes from a single moment, an inspiration, hence, a re-discovery and re-interpretation of a master piece: Botticelli's Birth of Venus. We strongly believe that contemporary architecture, today strongly attached with time and politics and socio-political issues, needs to also form a dialogue with the past. A dialogue not only understood as literal interpretation but subjective definition, a metamorphosis of form and meaning. We propose to base our design concept on the Birth of Venus, reinterpreting the act of birth, the birth of a new City that rises from a large body of water and a rich blend of cultural diversity: the cosmopolitan city of past, present and future. Venus is our inspiration. Venus is life, breath, power, and above all things, beauty. The master plan takes all these elements, proposing a large public space for recreational uses and a city centre as landmark, as well as landscape.


International Competition

Observation Tower, Hotel, Museum, Leisure

Incheon, South Korea
Status: Competition Entry

Stefano Rocchetti and Gabriel Belli Butler in collaboration with: Francesco Lipari, Chiara Marchionni, Enrico Falchetti
Building Size:

120,000 m2

200,000,000 Euro
Max. height:

400 m